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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Packages, postcards, letters & dead heading!

It is a great thing this 52 Weeks of Happy. I love reading everyone's happy blogs. Short and sweet overdose of happiness .... the origns come from this lovely post ... its amazing how things can spread!Happiness can go a long, long way.

Here is mine for the 2nd week of 2013.

1. My favourite flower still going strong. I thought the last flower was about to die when all of a sudden two new buds popped up. Cyclamen's were apparently my Grandma's favourite flower, and for some reason I can keep them going and going ... this one was brought me as a gift in August. I think the trick is to put in a cool but bright place, water from the bottom (not too much, but never let go dry) and to dead head on a daily basis!

2. A lovely bundle of vintage fabric. I order these as a treat from Bobo Bun's Etsy site. She has an offer on until the end of Jan. The fabrics were beautifully pressed, tied up with string and then wrapped in lovely tissue paper. A treat to come home to after a long day at work!

3. A card of my Granny. Post is simply a happy thing in itself. But when it's off your Granny ..... well that's happy beyond happy!

4. Some new postcards to sit nicely by my spice shelf. We brought these way back in September and I misplaced them. I am so happy they are now firmly on the wall so I can enjoy them.

Kate x


  1. Happiness is contagious! Hooray!!! I am happy to have caught yours, Kate:)
    Thanks for posting! XXX from Gracie

  2. Kate, i have the yellow and pink fabrics and here is a top tip! I got both fabrics in the form of double duvet covers and pillow cases, from a charity shop. Check out the charity shops when you pass. My fabric stash mainly consists of charity finds. My kindle cover is made out of the yellow one! Enjoy 70's

  3. Kate what a lovely lovely post. My happiness has gone up ten fold because now I know you and you are such a good friend! :)

  4. Well at least my post worked but my link didn't! Here it is hopefully this time it will work :)

  5. What a lovely idea, I like to read of my bloggy friends being happy!

  6. All very lovely Kate...really love your fabric!

  7. Such lovely bundle of happy things. Hope your weekend is just as happy, Kate. xxx

  8. Hello Kate
    I love that you love getting a sweet card in the post from your Granny. Its all these little things that just press all the happy buttons I think. Lisa's etsy shop is a delight and I can almost feel your satisfaction in opening such a package after a long day at work. Have a beautiful weekend xox Penelope

  9. I love the idea of 52 weeks of happy. And you have quite a few happy inducing things to be grateful for. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  10. What a lovely idea, thank you for sharing your happiness :) xx

  11. IRYPT :) :) :) :)
    Love from Mum

  12. I Like Cyclamen too. We were bought on 7 years ago, just after we got married, and it's starting look sorry for itself at the moment. Not sure whether to feed it, repot it or bin it.

  13. I wish we all wrote letters and cards more! Loving that fabric! :) x


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