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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shopping Bag Love

Have I mentioned how much I love my Granny Chic book I had for Christmas off my sister who must know me so well! Well if I have forgotten to mention this small fact then ....... I LOVE IT!!!

I have a small plan of every time I buy some new yarn, I have to use some up from my stash .... as I have to admit it is getting slightly ridiculous! So I decided to balance the act of buying some lovely chunky yarn for a ripple blanket, by using up some sock yarn I had left over from a scarf I made last year.

After browsing the Granny Chic book for some divine inspiration I decided to make myself a string shopping bag. Without a cause, or planned use, I knew I wanted one hanging on my pegs in my newly decorated hall.

I set to it. Using a 6mm hook and some fine sock yarn. Making a lovely round base to start and watching the colours melt into one another. It was a dream to work with slight yarn and a big hook. So fast and easy to catch. No splitting and it quickly spiralled into a lovely circle which I then could build up from.

Oh the sides were wonderful too. Simply wonderful. Just a dc and ch5 into each gap. This created the most stretchy and shape adapting bag there ever was! And no signs of this one ripping under strain! This was going to be a very strong bag!


After I had hooked up the sides I decided to bring it in a little by decreasing every time by just 1. So I did 1 dc into 2 gaps and then ch5. This added a little shape and charm to my bag. And I think that is the beauty of crafting. Once you know what you are doing you can change a simple pattern or recipe into something that is truly your own. And if it goes wrong, who cares! That's the glory of crochet .... you can unravel up to where you went wrong!

Nearly done now. Just a couple of handles to make ........

So here is my ta-dahing moment. And what better place to ta-dah than on my new quarry tiles!!!!!


Such a fabulous way to keep all those gloves and hats together during winter. And I am sure I will think of a grand use during the summer! Maybe keeping my flip flops, a book and a blanket in .... all ready for summers day outing!


So if you are looking for a stash busting and quick project .... that is equally as satisfying then this is for you!

Speak soon and welcome to my new fabulous followers!

Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I made some string bags a while a go. They look lovely full of fruit.
    Love from Mum

  2. That looks fab, well done! And your tiling looks great too :-)

  3. That's a wonderful string bag! I used to knit them, but it took forever with thin thread. I like the look of yours! I saw your comment on Cheryl's blog and thought I'd stop by!

  4. Gorgeous, it works up so well in sock yarn. I have lots of that knocking about but hadn't thought to use it for bags, I might have to steal that idea.

  5. Ooh I like that. It looks so pretty in the colour blend you've used :) xx

  6. I love the idea of using a large hook with a fine yarn - if it's quick I'm in! Well done x Jane

  7. I have yet to try to make a string bag, but want to, especially after seeing the one you stitched, Kate. Thanks for sharing :-)
    xx, Gracie

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