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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Heart Swap

I usually don't mind getting up early on a Saturday. Mostly because it means I can have a good catch up of all the weekly blogs and also post an update.

This week has been very exciting. I received a lovely parcel in the post. In fact .... Mr Postman couldn't get it through the door so I had the added further excitement of actually going to collect it.

I knew when I walked into the collection office exactly which one my parcel was. Not the ones in the brown and white packages .... oh no ..... there was one on the S shelf covered in heart tape .... I told the lady not to worry about looking because that one with the hearts on it would be mine (at this point I though ... Kate you are brave ..... what if it isn't!) and I was right!

I then had to have the Shall I Save It, Shall I Open It battle ..... and decided I should save it for the big V Day!

So here is what the lovely lovely Sue of @ home (to see her wonderful blog go to here) sent me.

Just in love with the red and turquoise! It killed me to open it ...... so I started first with the card.

How beautiful is it! This will be framed once I take my heart decorations down!

I love praline .... and I will be saving these as a special treat once lent is over! I can't wait!

Some pretty tissues and a lovely lip balm. Oh this lady knows me!

A lovely little handbag mirror in a cute drawstring bag.


A gorgeous tiny handmade note book that I filled with love vouchers for Craig and gave to him. Also a lovely heart shaped pom pom that Sue has been busy making for a lovely hanging mobile.

A beautifully crafted needle felted heart brooch. I adore this, I really do! I am going to put it onto my coat! Oh and see the cookie in the back ground!

A large stuff heart to hang with some lovely beaded and ruffled detail.

And my favourite thing. A hanging paper heart that twirls happily on my kitchen shelf with some lovely hanging buttons. I felt so treated!!!!

My house is so very hearty! Every where you go there are heart things hanging from shelves!

How lovely!

I think All4meggymoo  did a great job! And I do hope Sue likes her gifts!

Kate xxxx


  1. What lovely gifts! And that John Cleese doing his funny walk in the bottom right of your pic? That always makes me giggle!
    Happy weekend

  2. Like you, I LOVE red with turquoise, an exquisite combination.
    Now, all of those things are wonderful but THAT BOX OF CADBURY'S CHOCOLATES, would have made just made me sing!!!

  3. What amazing gifts you got. Thank you for taking part in the swap and I'm glad you have enjoyed it :)

  4. What a lovely selection of hearts you had in your swop......xx

  5. So pleased you could spot your swap at the P.O....... and I'm glad you enjoyed the swap, as I did. I too, saved mine for the big V day..... I was so excited :) I love hearts. Hopefully I will blog about it later....
    Sue Xxx

  6. How exciting, love all the hearty goodness :) xx

  7. I love seeing all the different kinds of hearts, Kate, especially the twirly one. Thanks for sharing them with us!
    xx, Gracie

  8. Lovely swaps Kate, I've got hearts hanging everywhere too , love them,xxx


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