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Hi, My name is Kate and this blog is all about my adventures of happy living. By that I mean crochet, chickens and cooking. Here's to the good life - and being a good wife! xxx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

7/52 - the warmth of the sun :)

1. How could I not include the exciting heart swap I received this week! You can read all about what was in those lovely red and turquoise packages here.

2. Pancake Day! Wahoo! I had such a fab evening. We had our lovely friends over for a home made lasagna and salad and then the famous Jubilee Pancake. Cherry's and ice cream ..... yummy! No complaints that night .... and if you are wondering which pancake recipe I swear by it is Delia's. Though instead of half water and milk, I use all milk.

3. Its been so nice to feel a little bit of warmth from the sun this week, wouldn't you agree. Yesterday I could wait to get into the garden and do a job I have been putting off for ages. I needed to tackle those unruly wild geraniums. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but just not everywhere, and certainly not chocking my spring bulbs and other plants.

So I set to it. A woman on a mission - with a spade. I feel so much better! My front beds are looking spacious and tidy ready for some lovely plants to go in. I also revealed hundreds of green shoots poking out of the ground.... hopefully some lovely crocus' and bluebells! I am a true sucker for spring bulbs!

So my third picture today is Ivy my chicken. She is filling out a lot, and producing some marvellous eggs! She certainly was happy with a couple of wheelbarrows full of weeds and clumps of wild geraniums to sort though. A little bit of green always does them good and the roots would have contained lots and lots of creepy crawlies!

4. A final joyous occasion in our house. Two beautiful bright red, ripe and delicious punnets of strawberry's. The perfect Saturday afternoon snack after a couple of hours in the garden!

I hope you have also had a great week!

Kate xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely happy things! And I think you've inspired me to get outside and tackle the dead plants and weeds that are crowding around the budding bulbs in my cutting garden! Love the look of those strawbs too..yum!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  2. It's that Spring feeling isn't it. We had some lovely sunshine today, but gosh it was cold in the shade! I wish our ladies would start laying again, it's been awhile now :) xx

  3. I've walked around the garden making a mental note of all the jobs! I have my little parcel ready for you, email me your address and I'll send off to you this week! :) x

  4. I need to prune back my two rose vines, and you inspire me to do so, Kate. Thanks! Our daffodil shoots are about four inches high :-)
    xx, Gracie

  5. Hi Kate - I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award - hope you don't mind. Pop over to my blog for details x

  6. Spring came oh so briefly this week and now we have snow on the ground yet again! But, like you, I went outside, grabbed my fork and spade and made 'a start'. Potatoes are now chitting in the greenhouse and herbs are in the kitchen window baskets. Fingers crossed this will be the last of the snow. Love your blog! From your newest follower. Chel x

  7. We're nearer to spring now Kate at least I hope so because it was glorious here yesterday just hope it keeps like that because I am so keen for spring to get here!
    Daffodils how I miss the daffodils in the Hedgerows!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Hello.
    Lovely photos I especially like Ivy the chicken bet she did love the weeds my Mums three love it when she's been weeding. Still toying with the idea of getting some of my own :)

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