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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Giveaway love and Scotland.

Hey :) I'm back from Scotland. Had a fab time, but seems so long ago. My first day back to work wasn't terrific. I got told I was dropping a pay scale. So I had a pretty bad couple of days ... but its nice to drum up a bit of holiday love to write a post for you.

First thing is first though. I got back to a nice red notice from the post office saying they had tried to delivery a parcel for me. Yipeeeee ... I knew just what it would be .... my great give away winnings from Hilly T.

I collected it yesterday evening and it was a great pick me up to my bad news.

I got an array of fabulous things. A gorgeous pin cushion which was handmade, some beautiful wool with sequines on it (I'm thinking something xmassy!), some pretty fairy embroidery scissors, some really cool bird stickers (which my husband wants!) and a lovely hook to use and finally some British ribbon! I am spoilt, and very happy. Thank you Harriet! Thank you very much! xxxx

So back to holiday.

My crochet project of choice was to get working through the 200 Crochet Blocks book and boy did I enjoy it. They were one or two hour long projects and I found it so envigorating to learn loads of new skills. What better thing to do on holiday. I managed to do 8 while I was away along side a large knitted scarf which I haven't had chance to photograph.

Here is the progress of the crocheted blocks. I just want to keep going until I have done all 200!!!

First stop on my holidays was Richmond, North Yorks. We went to stay with my Granny for the day as it broke up the journey. The sun was beaming and we went into town, visited a craft fair and spent hours in her amazing garden crocheting together. See for yourself how beautiful it is ....

Wow! She has style!

Then it was a massive drive right up to Huntley, Aberdeenshire. I was thrilled by the views, and for a long car ride - I was never bored.

We spent five days up there and saw so much beauty. I took lots of photos on my camera, however here is a selection on my phone. If I get chance I would like to do another post as I took some lovely wildlife snaps which I know you will love. But in the mean time ....

Balmoral Estate

The daisy below has been pressed and lies in between the pages on the map we used. Sweet!


Cairngorms National Park

Watching six dolphins on the north east coast. Real life Dolphins!

Edinburgh from the roof top of the National Scottish Museum

Lots of comedy ..... eight shows to be precise ..... and lots of drink.

I had the most splendid time. I really really did! Can't wait to upload the real snaps!

Thank you for having me back. Lots of love!



  1. Lovely photos and your granny's garden is superb. Only another 188 squares to go!
    Love from Mum

  2. Welcome back Kate, looks like you had an amazing time! What stunning scenery! Loving your squares too, they are going to look fab joined up!
    Victoria xx

  3. Great photos your grans garden is gorgeous - you would think it was in Tuscany!!

  4. Looks wonderful, fantastic scenery! Sorry about your job, that happened to me twice when I worked in the public sector, our work load doubled too! Nice to come home to parcels, and what a lovely parcel! Ada :)

  5. Welcome back Kate ... sorry to here about your job ... bummer ... anyway chin up ... look at all that lovely crochet you have completed ... beautiful and what a gorgeous parcel to receive ... your holiday snaps are great too ... I love Scotland ... so beautiful ... Bee x

  6. So glad you had a lovely holiday, Kate! I really enjoyed coming along through your photos...[your gran's grand garden, the now pressed daisy and your happy face among my favorites :)] Wonderful crochet squares! And I am glad you had Harriet's great package to enjoy when you got home to the disappointing work news. Thanks for posting!
    Gracie x

  7. What great photos, wish I could have been with you!
    Would have loved to have seen those dolphins.
    Your grandmother's garden looks beautiful.
    Sorry about your pay cut, you might just have to have your own shop to sell your lovely crochet!

  8. Glad you had a great trip but sorry to hear about your work bummer. New follower.

  9. That looks like a lovely holiday. I'm sorry that you came home to bad news but glad the parcel cheered you up. Just got back myself, must be time to tackle the washing...


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