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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Beach Inspired Rug Ta Dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been making a rug.

With a huge crochet hook (22mm to be precise).

I purchased three 200g balls of luscious James C Brett marble chunky and rewound them into six balls of 100gs.

This created the most scrumptious mix of coastal colours which would match my duck egg blue and sandy colours bedroom (and hopefully cover a stain that was driving me mad on the carpet!).

I crocheted all the way with six strands of chunky which wasn't easy. It was far more of a "whole arm action coming from the shoulder" rather than the usual delicate wrist action required for crocheting with a 4mm hook and a strand of DK.

The result though was a bouncy thick and surprisingly lovely foot massaging rug that was relatively quick to hook up.

The size of the hook, combined with the yarn made it grow at an alarming rate and I made it in one sitting on Friday night.


I then added a lovely fringe to it which completely finished it off and once I lay it on the bedroom floor I grinned from ear to ear with satisfaction

So ...... I guess you would like to see it!?

Here it is .......................................


An another .... this time without a blurry egde!

Not bad for a total of four hours work and £15!

I love it! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi there

    Yeah! Yeah!Yeah!
    I love it too and...... I love that hook didn't know a 22mm existed...its looks soooo....BIG...fantastic!
    wood too ,isn't it?
    Where did you get that from?

    Amanda :-)

  2. It looks lovely - love the colours - reminds me of knitting odd pins jumpers when I was younger lol.

  3. This is absolutely super! Im hoping to sign up for a class re. how to do zpaghetti crochet, this uses a 20mm hook so am really pleased to see just how large your hook is - gives me an idea of what to expect!!

    I love the idea of making something so sizeable in one evening, which crochet stitch did you use?


  4. Lovely Kate .. colours are very pretty .. Bee xx

  5. Looks fab and that hook is hilarious! The colours are just lovely.

  6. I love it too!
    And are you sure you didn't make this just so you could show off your pretty toes? :-)

  7. Oh it's gorgeous,and wow that hook... or are you just very teeny tiny :) I love it, and you made it so quickly, I've never seen a hook that big! xx

  8. Wow! That is one big hook :) lovely rug Kate.
    Victoria xx


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