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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A new lease of life ...

Well after last weeks shameful bloggy meltdown in the form of mathematics sickness I somehow drew a new lease of life from it.

Very strange.

I finished typing and then suddenly had a spurt on my blanket.  


In fact I haven't just done a few rows - I've done twelve. That's 3 hours in total. And I have fallen back in love with it.

The easiness that allows my mind to travel is just lush.

And the colours.

And the conversation while I am doing it.

And the fact that I have weaved into that blanket so many emotions and experiences. It has been a friend to me over the past few months. I couldn't thank it enough! So I persevere!

I have also decided what I am to do with the new yarn. I am making a picnic blanket. Inspired by this amazing blanket on the beautiful Edith Florence blog (check it out!).

I am working my way through the ever so amazing 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match by Jan Eaton and trying all the ones that catch my eye. They turn out pretty big which was surprising. But I am enjoying the challenge of reading a pattern and learning new skills.

The hens have been loving the sunshine. Lots of pampering sessions by having dust baths in the evening sun to cool down and lots of egg laying. And I don't just mean lots of eggs, I mean huge eggs. Eggs that a human would struggle with! Double yokers in abundance! When I collect eggs this size I just look at the hens in disbelief. Looking for clues of which brave hen has embarked on giving birth to such monsters! I am surprised they are still alive!

To try and show you the sheer size ... I have put one of the monsters next to a normal size egg ....

I have also put the Dear Fatty by Dawn French to bed now. I struggled with it. It was a bunch of letters addressed to various Friends and family and it just didn't keep me reading.

I felt really guilty for putting down a book, but after a discussion with Mr Staples, he assured me that putting down a book was okay and it was not a crime. I then felt ready to start One Day.

 So really a very eventful and productive week. Lots of rows, squares and pages ... and not forgetting the Olympics. Which has been on at all times! I can't wait to go to London to see it all for myself on Saturday.

I am marking the occasion with my bunting and also some red, white and blue sweet peas which my Nanny gave to me!

Kate xxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely crochet Kate! Loving your squares!
    Victoria xx

  2. Lovely crochet xx I know what you mean about the book - I finished it but found it sad and not very funny. Enjoy Saturday xx

  3. Hi Kate,Your crochet looking gorgeous,well done on so many rows!Thankyou for the comment over ath mine,I tried to email but it said noreply blogger.Just to say thankyou for looking out for books for me;o) thats so kind.x
    Mum bought me the dawn french book a few christmases ago ,I think,I still havent read it,I couldnt get into it either! Its still on my bookshelf though I feel guilty too.What a whopper egg,I bet they taste so yummy,double yolkers too :o)
    Loving the bunting and hope you have a great week,enjoy the Olymypics,great isnt it,lots of love juliexoxo

  4. Sometimes it is so nice to work on something that doesn't require a lot of concentration. That's what your blanket offers. One time I bought eggs that had a bunch of double yokers. I was afraid at first it meant something was wrong, but turns out they usually come from young laying hens. Those are some mighty big eggs you are getting. I'm watching swimming competitions right now. Just a few more days and you will be smack dab in the middle of the Olympic fun. Enjoy! Happy August! Tammy

  5. Those eggs are amazing ... I have a lot to learn if I am to start keeping chooks! Love both your lovely blankets ... what are you going to see at the Olympics? Bee x

  6. Yea for your Crochet, Kate =) The big egg is impressively BIG!!! And I am looking forward to viewing your Olympic adventures! I am making slooooooow progress on my blanket squares, but I am loving the Lucy pack colors I am using. Happy week!
    Gracie <3

  7. Wahay! Look at your squares! Great work, mrs, I appluad you!
    One Day, I love that book and have read it twice and my daughter even read it and she never reads a book unless it's about Cheryl Cole or some other media star. Great book and I hope you enjoy it. I liked Dear Fatty but whatever you do don't even think about trying that other book that Dawn wrote. I have erased the name from my memory so I never have to think of it again. It was utter pants and I only got about two chapters in and gave it to the woman sitting next to me on the plane and had to have a small sleep to get over it. And never feel guilty about not finishing a book. There are too many good books to read to struggle with a bad one. I'm a great believe in slinging books across the room if they are rubbish, which is ok as long as it's not on the Kindle or the book hits the telly. Just read what you enjoy.
    Enjoy London and One Day!


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