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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wales ( a day by day photographic journal)

Well here are my holiday photos. I don't want to make this post too wordy. One reason being I could write and write and write all about every single detail. The second reason being I doubt that it is really that interesting to somebody else. The final reason being a picture paints a thousand words and that I shall simply let the images speak for themselves.
Before I let the pictures do the talking though I'd like to point out that we were extremely lucky with the weather. I came back with a lovely golden tan and we could have been abroad. It's not often we are so lucky in the UK, but when the sun shines there is no place better. Lush green plants, chocolate box towns to explore, fantastic coast lines and deep blue seas to gaze upon.
*             *              *
DAY 1 - Our first day of holiday and first year wedding anniversary.
We celebrated with a trip to New Quay, some reading and crochet on the beach (please note my new blanket was made use of!) and a curry in the Indian. In fact a little spooky thing happened .... the waiter recognised us from our local Indian haunt and he did both my hen do and Craig's Stag do .... 140 miles away! What are the chances!
I also saved a piece of our wedding cake from last year to eat on this special day. This gesture had sentimental value I suppose. We also opened some cards and enjoyed a game of scrabble!


Day 2 - Cors Caron Bog Walk
The only morning when it drizzled. But it wasn't too bad as it gave us time to catch our breath and do some serious relaxing in preparation for some serious holiday-ing!
The sun broke through around lunch time and we took a drive to Cors Caron aka Tregaron Bog. It is a raised, dome shaped bog cover a huge area. We were treated with a host of wildlife from a spectacular display of a mother Buzzard training its young to hunt. A multitude of lizards (some quite big) and dragonflies which landed on me!


Day 3 - Coastal Walk from New Quay to Aberaeron.
A good up and down 7 mile coastal walk with spectacular views of Cardigan Bay, snippets of woodland walks and lovely Austrian-like meadows. Wildlife, cows and horses. A good packed lunch and a constant view of New Quay when I looked over my shoulder ... it was great watching it get further and further away into the distance.
And the carrot that led the donkey ? ....... fish and chips by the sea at the destination .... phew .... that made the challenging climbing worth it!
Aberaeron is the most delicious seaside town in the world. Rows upon rows of painted Georgian houses and shops that would make us all spin into a frenzy! I picked up some Ladybird books in the second hand book shop and some pretty fabric and wool in a Craft shop! And one last spooky thing .... we bumped into a friend.

Day 4 - Penbryn Beach
 After the coastal walk we were pretty flat out and as it was forcast the nicest day weather wise we thought a beach day would be perfect. So we packed a picnic, books, wool and various other items and went to a National Trust beach which was used as a filming location for Die Another Day.
It was beautiful!!!!! Enough said!

Day 5 - Teifi Marshes - Cardigan - Iron Age Round Houses - Romantic Meal!
A jam packed day! An early morning get up for a nice 2 mile brisk walk around the Teifi Marshes where we sat in hides looking at birds. We saw a heron and also a pigeon which looked surprisingly majestic!
After the walk we went to Cardigan and did a spot of window shopping and then went to a lovely spot and discovered some Iron Age Round Houses. We were not planning to go, but we ended up staying for the two hour guided tour and learnt a lot about that period in history. We live really close to an iron age fort so found it super interesting. I particularly enjoyed the bit about the herb garden and weaving looms (no surprise there!).
The day was rounded up with a fantastic Italian romantic meal. You couldn't end the holiday on a more perfect note!

Day 6 - Strata Florida Abbey - Teifi Pools - Home
The first part of the day commenced with cleaning the caravan. We then took a few stops on the way home. One being an ancient abbey and the next being the Teifi Pools.
Teifi pools are situated in the wildest part of Wales and it is refereed to as the Desert of Wales. I have never been in a more remote place. I felt so far from any where it was almost frightening, yet very liberating.
 We enjoyed a packed lunch and things got a little bit silly .... probably because nobody was there for miles and we were trying to cover a slight uneasy feel (especially when two people on motor bikes went past and I say "what if they kill us"). But it was fabulous all the same.


Just one final thing .... this amazing sunset ..... wow!

 Thanks for sharing my holiday xxxxxx Kate xxxxxx


  1. Hi Kate,Oh I LOVED sharing Your piccies and A Happy Anniversary,I'm so glad the weather was kind.Stunning wildlife and all of these places on My doorstep really and I've never been too...
    Will have to get hubby on the case next time off :)
    Love all of the crochet work too.Have a fab week love julieXxxx

  2. Thanks for taking me oon holiday with you! Had a lovely time! Happy Anniversary! Ada :)

  3. Happy anniversary ... looks like you both had a wonderful time ... your photos are beautiful ... Bee xx

  4. WOW, Kate! Thanks for taking the time to share your holiday with us!! Wonderful photos!!! So glad to see you are enjoying using the cheery blanket you crocheted : ) xxx from Gracie

  5. Thank you Kate, I have always wanted to see Wales! And I would walk miles and miles for fish and chips, honest I would!
    Your photos are so beautiful and I thank you for sharing them.
    Happy First Anniversary to you and your hubby!
    (And I LOVE your crocheted blanket!) xx

  6. Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful! Stunning scenery, looks like you had an amazing time :) x

  7. wow! what a lot of photos. Love the model posing on your granny blanket......xx

  8. Thank you for the holiday tour. Brilliant pics and of course brilliant blanket.
    Love from Mum

  9. Wow!!! So glad you had a wonderful time together! Thank you for sharing lots of gorgeous photos! It's so cute you enjoyed some crochet moment! :)
    Hugs to you,

  10. and thank you that was an impressive holiday tour. Wonderful photos and yes I agree UK in the sun is fabulous it then holds everything I love blue skies and green pastures and the sea. UK shines so much when it isn't angry pouring down with rain it shows off all its glory under the sunlight.
    He He! loved the poem racy as they say on the plaque....sounds to me as if the poet wasn't so popular at all with the females then LOL!
    The star of your holiday the crochet blanket in the best of settings!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    Amanda :-)


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