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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Birthday Tea Party

Last Sunday (2nd Sept) was my birthday. It was a lovely affair and I was simply spoilt rotten.

My dad brought me some beautiful china when he retired and I completed the set the other week so I was all ready to do what I do best. An afternoon tea!

The house was decorated with streamers and balloons

and home made bunting from our wedding was strung from trees and fences in our garden.

The 2nd is my birthday and the 3rd in our anniversary so I will always try and get out the bunting to mark this special couple of days!

 Remember my crocheted birthday bunting!?

I photocopied a Ladybird Party book cover and cut out lots of copies. I then placed them over the table to frame the hydrangeas, budlia and lavender displays in crystal bowls and vintage jugs.


 Each plate, bowl, cake stand and serving dish was then filled with all kinds of finger food and home baked cakes (mmmmm therapy!).

Chocolate cup cakes with vanilla pod butter cream piping ......

lemon drizzle cake .......

Victoria sandwich with raspberry jam and butter cream filling.

Home made and home reared egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

 The party was great. We played pass the parcel, drank Champagne and laughed for hours.

I was also very spoilt with an abundance of lovely things.

My lovely Craig brought me a all singing and all dancing blender, juices, mixer. This will make baking and cooking a dream!

He also brought me a sewing machine! I know I've been going on about this for ages! But the day finally came. This created a very fabric themed birthday! I can't wait to get started!

He also treated me to a gorgeous dragonfly necklace with emeralds in it.

My lovely mum and dad brought me an egg holder.

and some lovely fabrics for Christmas projects.

Aren't the fabrics amazing!
My Granny brought me a lovely cherry jug. I was ever so pleased with it because its larger than a cream or milk jugs and will hold some lovely flowers in the future. I also imagine it will hold a lovely serving of home made lemonade.
I also got some lovely treats of my knitting class ....
Work friend ....
Best Friend .....

Sister ....

I also got a couple of books that will come in handy!

My parents in law spoilt me rotten with a lovely sewing box, lots of vintage trinkets and

It was the best birthday ever. It made me realise how lucky I was to have such a loving family around me!

Today is our first day back after Wales. The sun was out all week for us and I have so much to tell you. But that will have to wait.

Today has also been a very sad day.

Jill the hen (my favourite) escaped and someone saw some people snatch her and take her in a car. The police are investigating it now though. And the petrol station Jill was taken one has CCTV.

Our black hen, Sarah is also not well. I'm looking after her with humus and cider vinegar!

The day has been spent keeping very busy though.

I have sorted through this .....

and got it down to this ......

Ahhhhh the satisfaction of sorting!


  1. Happy birthday and happy anniversary ... looks like you had a lovely party and my, what gorgeous gifts you received ... sorry to hear about the hens ... hopefully all will be well soon ... Bee xx

  2. A very happy birthday!
    I don't think I can argue with you either...going by the generous spread of goodies and lots of pressies you have there in your photos I think you have been super spoilt. Your family must think you are worth it then!!! LOL!


    Amanda :-)

  3. Wonderful celebrations, Kate! Thanks for sharing with us. I missed your posts while you were gone and am glad to get caught up on your news, except the hen troubles...which will be sorted out soon , I hope. xxx from Gracie

  4. What a splendiferous birthday, sounds like a brilliant day thoroughly enjoyed and deserved :) x

  5. Happy belated Birthday Kate,Looks like such a wonderful day,lovely gifts and tea party ,Yum,yum :) Xxxx


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