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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Craigs lovely Photos

So in my last post I mentioned the beautiful hour I spent waiting for him in a cafe gorging on carrot cake.

For Christmas I brought him a super duper DSLR camera and along side it brought him an experience at a wildlife sancturay where he would get the chance to photograph birds of prey (another passion of his).

The results were hundreds of lovely photos.

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to share a few of my favourites. I hope you like them too.

Before we set off he had a mini rehersal with our own chickens. I just love the rich colours of this photos. Its so warm and clear.

You'll have to forgive me but I am not sure of the names of the birds but this photo caught my eye as the owl just sinks into the tree. It's so camaflauge and with a little bit of cropping I think this would be a lovely print.

A close up of the own above. This time with a bit of gree moss and ivy to help him stand out a bit.

Although not a bird of prey, craig likes all birds! I love this shot. Somehow it makes me feel full of freedom. I love the empty sky the little bird is just about to adventure into.

Another Owl. This time a gremlin looking Owl. Grey body, bright yellow eyes and a lush green backdrop. Wait until you see the next one .......

Wow - what a close up. I don't know whether its cute, or scary ..... still it's such a good photo!

Another lovely close up, this time with some brilliant shadows and light bits. I really love this one. I think the little bits of straw give the picture some depth as well.

I hope you liked them too. It's not bad I think for a starter. I was so proud of him!



  1. Wow = they are stunning!!! xx

  2. Great pics - love all those owls. Xx

  3. Owls are so majestic, great photos! :) x

  4. Thanks for sharing, they're beautiful. I love the owls, but the hen in the first pic is stunning, I love photos with hens :) xx

  5. Love the owl photos ... really beautiful ... Bee xx

  6. Great start with the new camera; owls invigorate my senses with their keen eyesight and swiftness.

  7. Hi Kate, I'm Alison your bobo bun swap partner. My email address is Philip.moyes@sky.com.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Alison x

  8. Fantastic! Love the owl shots. Owls are so intriguing. We've had one hooting outside our window for a couple of weeks. Haven't been able to spot it though.

  9. I add my thanks to the ones above :-) Well done, Craig!
    xx, Gracie


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